Home Additions in Missoula, MT

Home Additions in Missoula, MT

Hire a contractor you can trust

Buying a home is one of the single biggest investments you’ll make in your life. Home improvement can add value and allow you to add space without needing a new house. When you love the home you’re in, but need more room, JS Custom Homes offers home addition construction. We’ll add an area that works with the layout of your home while expanding an existing space or putting on an additional room. Contact JS Custom Homes today for the home addition you need in Missoula, MT.

5 reasons to add rooms to your home

In addition to adding value to your home, there are numerous other reasons adding to your home, including:

1. It can provide a specialized place for hobbies and entertainment
2. It can be used for a home office
3. It can give family members a private bedroom
4. It can simply expand your living space
5. You’ll avoid the stress and expense of moving

Why worry about packing up your things when you already love where you live? Talk to us about building a home addition so you can stay where you are.